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Our Story

Inspired by the amazing Areej AbuAli and her brilliant keynote at BrightonSEO (April 2023), Sarah Presch and Jack Chambers-Ward decided to create a group for SEOs who are or identify as neurodivergent.

Being neurodivergent ourselves, Areej’s keynote left us both feeling inspired. Having worked in SEO for a long time, we both know just how challenging it is to navigate a corporate world that’s not designed for us, especially when a lack of inclusivity comes into play.


Support, however, can make a massive difference and by being able to connect with SEOs who see the world like we do, we’ve been able to find a support network that’s like no other. And we’d love for every single SEO out there to have access to the same – friends, personal development that’s designed for us, and most importantly support when we’re having a bit of a tough time.

So – this is how our idea for Neurodivergents in SEO was born!

Meet The Team

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